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Incredimail provides variety of features such as emoticons, animation, E-cards, Photo mail Maker, Email Background and even 3D effects. On other hand MS Outlook is more moderate email client with features like notes, to-do list, calendar, contacts, reminder and among other. Both program stand-out in their own way, but if compare everyone will agree that Outlook is more fit for professional point of view.

So there is no speculation left about why people are choosing to Export Incredimail to MS Outlook because it is obvious now. The question that pop-up here is how they are doing it with Incredimail saving its emails in .IMM and Outlook in .PST, how users are opening IMM in Outlook. Well they are doing it and that very marvelously with MailMigra for Incredimail. The program is design to convert IMM Incredimail 2 PST Outlook; these way users can read the Incredimail messages in MS Outlook as they will be converted in PST format.

Incredimail to Outlook converter is the comprehensive solution that lets you move emails of Incredimail account into Microsoft Outlook with complete email details. Due to easiness and extra-ordinary functionalities of software you will move arrays of emails from Incredimail 2 Outlook with ease.

Download Incredimail 2 PST Demo for Free

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To know the complete details of the program download the demo link from above and get yourself a Free preview of the program to see how the software convert Incredimail Files to Outlook. Please remember the fact the demo is only for giving you a before-hand experience of the software it will not covert all Incredimail messages to Outlook, with it you can convert only 10 emails of IMM files.

Advantage of using MailMigra for Incredimail

  • The program will Export Incredimail to MS Outlook in minutes and that with all formatting and attachment files.
  • Users will not need to locate & select the IMM files as the software itself does so.
  • User can migrate Incredimail 2 Outlook 2010, XP, 2013, 2011 and any other versi
  • With its 2-step procedure the program also converts Incredimail 2 PST with all attachment files.

The program has very basic needs which could be fulfilled very easily, all that is require for using the software is a Windows system and a POP3 account in Outlook so that users can view there IMM files in it once they have been converted in PST. Others than these two basic requirements there is nothing more that will be needed to export Incredimail Files to MS Outlook.

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